The Belmont Golf Club Local Rules

  1. PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: Normal R & A golf rules apply
  2. Stones, rocks and tractor tyre marks in the semi rough – free drop, nearest point of relief, this includes all bare areas with no grass.
  3. BUSH does not qualify for a free drop on bare patches or stones
  4. Preferred lies on all fairways – 1 club length.
  5. Bunkers – one card length placing in raked bunkers due to no rakes (COVID)
  6. Please monitor your pace of play, keep up to the group in front of you
  7. CAUTION – Please take care on steep areas around the course, severe slopes and be aware of snakes.
  8. It is compulsory to carry a sand bag and replace divots as well as help us protect our greens by fixing pitch marks