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Acceptable & Unacceptable Attire

  1. Jeans are acceptable at the Club Facility. Denim shorts of any colour, cut-offs, torn or faded clothing, half-shirts or tee shirts with inappropriate pictures or messages are not acceptable in any areas of the club.
  2. Gentlemen and boys must wear slacks or shorts (minimum of 15 inches from waist to bottom of shorts) and shirts with sleeves and collars or full mock neck shirts. At no time are tank shirts, tee shirts, sweat clothes or gym shorts allowed.
  3. Gentlemen and boys should remove their hats inside of the clubhouse, with the exception of the pro shop, locker room, card room and the member bar/lounge.
  4. Ladies and girls must wear slacks, shorts (minimum of 35 cm from waist to bottom of shorts) or golf skirts. Shirts can be with or without sleeves and may be round neck or have collars. At no time are tank tops, scoop neck, halter tops, tee shirts, sweat clothes or gym shorts allowed.
  5. Members should realize that it is not possible to stipulate exactly the type of clothing that is appropriate, but all Members agree to abide by the intent of the Rules and Regulations and cooperate accordingly.
  6. Members carry full responsibilty for informing their guests of our dress code. If a guest is dressed inappropriately, service may be denied unless cover- up clothing is worn. The pro shop carries appropriate attire.